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What to expect when expecting: So you’ve decided to have Bunion surgery.

Surgery can be a scary thing. Especially when it is elective. Is it the right time? Do I really need this?

Bunion PainBunions are very common. In fact, if you ask members of your family about their feet I am sure you will find a few of them who also have bunions.

If you have gotten to the point that you are ready to have surgery, you have likely tried and failed conservative treatments. These include changing shoes and using orthotics. You may have even tried a toe spacer or bunion splint, but likely found that these were not helpful.

Bunion deformities are progressive, and will worsen over time. This is a very gradual process. Custom orthotics may help to limit the progression, but only surgery will correct the deformity.

Bunion surgery itself has come a long way. Surgery is now commonly done through small incisions and recovery time is much faster.

Surgery for a bunion is done outpatient, whether at a hospital or a surgery center. You will receive a nerve block either by anesthesia or your physician to help limit your pain post-operatively. You will be given pain medications and anti-inflammatories after surgery to help with your pain. In general, the operative time is between 30 mins to 1 hour.

Depending on the procedure performed and physician preference, you may be placed into a splint, CAM boot, or post-op shoe after surgery. Your weightbearing status will also be determined based on physician preference. Newer procedure techniques and advances in technology have allowed patients to start weightbearing much sooner after surgery. This can be as soon as the day of surgery!

Your physician will place a post-operative dressing which will remain intact until you follow up with them in 1-2 weeks.

You are having surgery, it is normal to have pain! The best thing you can do is take your medications as prescribed and apply ice as frequently as possible. Apply the ice behind your knee and to the top of the foot.

If you or someone you know is considering having bunion surgery, call Dr. Troxell to schedule your consultation today to learn more.