Robotic Assisted Surgeries

Bay Area Orthopedic Specialists Is Proud to Offer Robotic Assisted Surgery

Robotic assisted surgery allows your surgeon to perform many types of complex procedures with more accuracy, precision and control during the operation than is obtainable with historical techniques. This relatively new technology is moving ever closer to becoming the standard of care for the Orthopaedic industry.

Using a standard CT scan, a 3D model is made of the patient’s affected extremity allowing your surgeon to plan for your surgery with advanced precision. Intraoperatively, the robot asks for data points to be taken on various points on patient’s bones. With these data points matched to the CT scan, which has already been uploaded to the robot, real time adjustments can be made to move, rotate and balance the implant by a fraction of a millimeter or degree.

The benefits of Robotic assisted surgery include:

  • Fewer complications, such as surgical site infection
  • Less pain and blood loss
  • Shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery
  • Smaller, less noticeable scars