Preparing For Your Surgery

Preparing For Your Surgery

As you prepare for your surgery you should create a safe environment. Below are a few suggestions:

  • Remove all throw rugs
  • Buy groceries and freeze meals in advance
  • Create a path (28″ is wide enough for a walker) between the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom
  • Place everyday items at arm level for easy reach
  • Place a non-skid mat in the tub or shower
  • You may need assistance with grocery shopping, meal preparation, housekeeping and transportation to doctors’ appointments. Be sure to make these arrangements in advance.

Pre-Surgery Information

All pertinent information regarding your surgery will be given to you in writing during your pre-operative appointment. including, but not limited to:

  • Home Health and Physical therapy
  • Pain management
  • Eating and drinking instructions
  • Follow-up appointment information
Preparing For Your Surgery - Bay Area Orthopaedic Specialists

Involvement of your primary care physician prior to scheduling a surgical procedure may be required. You will receive written information with detailed instructions. Prior to your surgery you will be required to provide a complete list of all current medications, including milligrams and daily dosage. It is important that you inform us of any change in your medication list.

General Guidelines:

  • Have a pre-operative medical clearance by your primary physician.
  • If you have a heart condition, you will need to complete a chemistry panel, CBC and EKG
  • Discontinue all anti-inflammatory medications, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, etc. 7 days before surgery
  • Discontinue nutritional supplements such as vitamin E, gingko biloba, fish oil and garlic supplements. 7 days before surgery
  • Notify your doctor if you are taking any anti-coagulant medication such as Coumadin, Warfarin, Plavix, Xarelto, Pradaxa and Eliquis.

Night Before Your Surgery

  • After midnight do not drink or eat anything. This includes water, candy and gum.
  • If you’re a smoker, please do not smoke 24 hours prior to surgery.

Day Of Your Surgery

Please arrive at least 90 minutes before your appointed time so you can meet with your anesthesiologist and prepare for surgery.

After Your Surgery

  • You will receive detailed instructions after surgery.
  • You are not allowed to leave alone, by bus or by taxi. Please arrange to have someone drive you home from the hospital or surgery center after your surgery

Post Operative Medication

Your post-operative pain and/or anti-inflammatory medication will be managed by your surgeon for a specified post-operative time period. Many types of medicines are available to help control pain including opioids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and local anesthetics. Take it as directed on the bottle. Your post operative medications will be sent to your pharmacy on file a day or two prior to your procedure. Please pick them up the night before your surgery so you have them available when you return home. 

How can I reach someone after hours?

You can call our office to leave a message after hours which will be returned the following business day. For immediate assistance, the answering service will take your information and page the physician on call. We respectfully request that after-hour physician calls be limited to true medical emergencies only.